Listen to John’s Music

The Buzzkills is a four piece alternative rock band formed in 2005. John was one of the primary songwriters, singers and performers in the group. The group is mostly retired (with the exception of an occasional reunion). Below is a song called “I Can’t Stay.” It was written by John and the group off of their self-titled E.P. released in 2010.

“I Can’t Stay” © The Buzzkills 2010

“Home” is a five song E.P. released in 2012 by Sklut and Weston – one of John’s collaborative projects. The song “Memories” (featured below) was written and performed by John and his songwriting partner Tommy Sklut in 2010. It is the first song they wrote together.

“Memories” © 2010 John Charles Weston, Thomas R. Sklut

Letters to Lillian is a Chicago based band consisting primarily of Jon Marino and Robyn Cepek. In 2015 John performed guitar on their album “Our Shadows Say.” Below is a song titled “One” from that album.

“One” © Jon Marino, Robyn Cepek